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Workshops and Trainings

Increasing knowledge and understanding on how to identify and manage stress, improve motivation, work and team performance under pressure will help your people to remain engaged and resilient when facing the constant challenges of today’s business environment. These workshops contain a balance of information and practical exercises to maximise effective transferral of learning to their roles. They are grounded in experience and based on current research in business, neuro-psychology, positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Work Stress Solutions

A workshop for individuals who are experiencing high levels of pressure at work . You will learn to understand the signs of “stress”, how it affects your performance , how to spot common sources of stress, how to manage stress, and how to prevent stress. Some of these strategies will focus on self management or changes to lifestyle. Other strategies will focus on modification to work processes or the work environment. The effectiveness of this workshop is improved by regular implementation support to enable participants to transfer what they have learned to real life situations

Teams Under Pressure

This workshop is for teams experiencing high levels of pressure at work. It will help teams to understand how they are each being affected by pressure and how to work together effectively in difficult times. This program is complemented by follow-up implementation support

Mastering Motivation

Understanding the “brain basis” of motivation will help participants to create their own “success formula” — their own individual blueprint for maximizing their individual output.