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Coaching and Leadership Development

Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to improve your business outcomes is to invest in you leaders and managers. These programs will help your leaders to become more focused, efficient and strategic in the way they work. They will also become more effective in communicating within their roles. As a result they will foster increased engagement and productivity in those they manage, resulting in better client outcomes.

The Executive Mental Edge

This program is a one-on-one coaching and development program for those who want to “get the edge” in their career. You will achieve this by maximizing your capacity to understand and manage your own thoughts, behaviours and emotions to “enable” sustainable excellence. You will also gain valuable insights into how to interact on a more effective level with direct reports, colleagues and those above you. You will be more focused, motivated and effective.

MindWise Management

This program is designed for the business owner, leader or manager who wants to find a better way of managing to produce a “win” for both the business and the people working in it. Recent research has cast doubt on the long term effectiveness of fallback management strategies such as “command and control” in the complex and ever changing work environments of today. Effective leaders recognize that they are leading people who respond to their environment in complex and individual ways based on their unique “mind makeup”. Getting the best out of your people requires an understanding of these differences and how to work best with each individual in a “MindWise” and Mindful way.

Stress Management MasterClass

This program starts with an in-depth workshop to allow participants to fully understand the signs, symptoms, sources and effects of stress in themselves, their teams and their businesses. This is followed by regular implementation support to enable leaders to effectively utilize the knowledge they have gained in their own workplaces. This is a 3 month program.