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Business performance can be improved by using MindWise Management Strategies which facilitate a high level of individual and team performance rather than creating barriers that demotivate employees and lead to disengagement and despair. Because these strategies effectively utilise the strengths of the human mind, they are sustainable and repeatable.


The MindWise Management System is built on an intragrative theoretical framework informed by research from the areas of business, positive psychology, neuro-psychology and coaching psychology to help lift performance to a high level in a way that can be sustained over the long term. Also the 25 years of experience in the prevention and management of occupational psychological injury contributed a lot in creating this strategical framework.


Participants are provided with knowledge, skills and strategies to understand how their own brain functions and how they can best harness it for sustainable high performance. They will learn the best strategies to enhance motivation, resilience and focus and to protect against stress, overwhelm and helplessness. Once they have mastered their own neuropsychology, Leaders and Managers will learn how to best manage others to sustainable high performance using the MindWise system.

Implementation Support

Research shows that learning from seminars and workshops is often not translated into changes in behaviour in the workplace. Each program will be backed by ongoing implementation support to enable participants to practice skills and then receive feedback and suggestions to help them effectively implement that changes and maintain their new behaviours. This support is required to ensure the changes are established and persist at a neurological level.