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Online Programs

Coaching and Leadership Development

Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to improve your business outcomes is to invest in you leaders and managers. These programs will help your leaders to become more focused, efficient and strategic in the way they work. They will also become more effective in communicating within their roles. As a result they will foster increased engagement and productivity in those they manage, resulting in better client outcomes.

Workshops and Training

Increasing knowledge and understanding on how to identify and manage stress, improve motivation, work and team performance under pressure will help your people to remain engaged and resilient when facing the constant challenges of today’s business environment. These workshops contain a balance of information and practical exercises to maximise effective transferral of learning to their roles. They are grounded in experience and based on current research in business, neuro-psychology, positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Consulting Programs

Identify the barriers or “disablers” at each level of your business that are preventing your organisation from improving your outcomes and how to “enable” your people to be engaged and productive. Understanding how your organisation is performing on key indicators can help us to design a specific program to improve key results including improved customer service, decreased staff turnover, decreased “stress” leave, decreased sick leave and reduce disengagement.

Meetings and Focus Groups

Planning and communication are important to every business. Sometimes you can need a little help to keep you focused on the outcome and keep things moving along if there are some difficult discussions to be had. This is when it can be helpful to have someone from outside your business who is only interested in gathering quality information and getting you to a good outcome. Our role is to gather together the threads of discussion, feedback information, and guide you through a process to reach a conclusion appropriate to the purpose of the meeting.