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Positive Productivity

This is a “whole of business program” designed to improve overall productivity by increasing positive factors that we know improve business performance. Research has shown that employees that are more happy and engaged are also more productive.  This can result in improved outcomes such as increased profitability, employee and customer loyalty, and sales while reducing staff turnover, costs associated with “absenteeism or presenteeism”, and legal or workers compensation costs. Engaged employees generally love coming to work, are motivated to do well and are willing to “go the extra mile”. This results in an improved organisation “culture”and generally allows for the attraction and retention of the best applicants for available positions.

Recent research from a number of areas indicates that many of the strategies that have been popular in business to increase employee performance can actually be counter productive, and result in falling engagement, productivity, and profitability. This is largely because these strategies do not take into account the complex nature of how humans actually appraise and react to their work environments, work duties and work colleagues (especially their manager). Our approach is informed by research from the areas of business, positive psychology, neuropsychology, and coaching psychology….. as well as 25 years of experience in the prevention and management of occupational psychological injury. The goal is to help lift performance to a high level in a way that can be sustained over the long term.

The first step is to identify any barriers or “disablers” to excellent performance at all levels of the business or organisation. A program will then be specifically designed to address issues identified. Components of this program my include workshops, training, coaching and feedback. This program requires a long term commitment from the organisation.

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