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Career Development

Advancing your career in today’s complex work environment demands more than great technical skill.  High performing organisations are looking for leaders with exceptional skills in “self” and “other” management or in other words employers want to t know how we manage ourselves and how we manage our relationships with others in the workplace. We can design an individual program for you to develop the Six key skill sets that will help you to develop as a resonant or inspiring leader and will give you a competitive advantage as you develop your career:

1)      Insight or self awareness about your feelings, behaviours, and motivations

2)      Managing your emotions in a productive and constructive manner

3)      Understanding what motivates you and others

4)      Empathy or determining how people are feeling and how your actions impact on them.

5)      Managing your relationships with other people to produce lasting positive outcomes.

6)      Conscious communication skills to enable you to communicate effectively with those around you.

In the early stages of the program we will explore what you are seeking in your career, what is standing in your way and look at strategies to help you to advance towards your goal. Typically these programs require a commitment of at least  Three to Six months. I am happy to talk to you about how we might tailor a program specifically to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information