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Professional Background

Over the last 25 years I have worked with an amazing range of people, businesses and organisations in a number of different roles including as a psychologist, consultant, trainer, coach and facilitator. I have come to understand that although most people and business strive to be successful and to perform at a high level, they are often held back by a basic lack of understanding of how to use the most important resource available to them …. their Mind. I am fortunate to have being able to examine the factors influencing employee “performance” from every angle- As a Workplace Rehabilitation Coordinator, Employee Assistance provider, Advisor in Psychology to a large Workers Compensation Insurer, as a Lecturer in Workplace Rehabilitation, Researcher, and as a Psychologist in private practice providing treatment to workers, managers and business owners experiencing “stress”. Using a combined framework from the areas of Neuropsychology, Occupational Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology I have devised a program to help Leaders and Workers to be more MindWise in the way they work and manage. This will enable to boost both their personal and their team performance (through improved engagement and productivity) in a sustainable way.

Positive Productivity: Strategies for sustainable high performance.
Prevention and Management of workplace stress
Workplace coaching for employee engagement and effectiveness
MindWise Management coaching and workshops
Stress management strategies for leaders and executives
Workshop facilitation
Effective communication skills for leaders and teams
Promoting Resiliance and Creativity in difficult times
Understanding workplace psychological injury
Successful rehabilitation strategies following workplace injury


Stress Management Masterclass
Mastering Motivation
Positive Productivity Program – Strategies for sustainable high performance
The MindWise Leader
Beating Business Stress: Strategies for small business