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Stress Management

Although “stress” is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp, it costs business real money, time and energy. These costs can be direct (as in recruiting costs due to high staff turnover or worker’s compensation costs) or indirect (as when stress results in the loss of clients due to poor customer service).

It often takes more effort to manage staff who stressed as they become less effective and effecient. As your stress level rises it begins to have effects on your functioning and wellbeing. You become less effecient and effective as your capcity to think clearly and stay focused are impacted by the changes happening in your brain as a result of stress. If this continues you are more likely to become frustrated easily, find it hard to concentrate, and forget details or instructions. Your communication may deteriorate and you may make poor decisions under pressure. Over time you may find yourself having to stay later at work and re-do tasks becuase of “mistakes” or important things you have overlooked. You may struggle to meet deadlines. If this continues you may find you are held back in your career or your  job may even be at risk.

Although it is tempting to think of stress as an individual problem, we know that often factors such as business environment, management styles, work demands, or business  processes can play an important role in increasing levels of stress for people accross the organisation. This is followed by a decrease in efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and productivity. The effects might be confined to one leader or department, but more often are felt throughout the organisation as your people struggle to deal with increasing demands or constant change. It is particularly important for leaders and managers to understand how stress impacts their own work, and how they interact with those they lead.

Each organisation or business is different and will have different needs based on a number of factors including size, business type, stage of development, and the organisational culture. While Business and Corporate clients are welcome to access existing workshop/group training programs or individual development programs. I am also happy to meet with you conduct an analysis of the risks and opportunities specific to your business and to discuss your wider needs and how these could be addressed through a tailored  program. These programs can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the needs of your organisation. All options are designed to provide an effective balance of information (based on experience and research), activities designed to accelerate transfer of knowledge to individual or team roles, and follow-up to ensure the information is applied effectively to the  “real world” outside the workshop.


  • From Surviving to Thriving: Understanding and Managing Your stress (Individuals)
  • Finding the Balance: The importance of balance between Work …Life …. and ….Play
  • Managing Teams Under Pressure: Techniques, Tools and Strategies to Prevent Stress and Improve Performance (for managers and supervisors).
  • Tools for Teams Under Pressure: Boost efficiency and effectiveness by understanding and managing the sources and effects of stress at work (for teams).
  • Stress Management Masterclass: Leading Organisations Under Pressure (for Leaders and Managers). Identify signs of stress in yourself, your team, or your organisation; Identifying causes of stress at an organisational level; managing and preventing stress through changes to work tasks, environment, or process; Application of MindWise Management and Conscious Communication principles for improved organisational performance
  • Being a MindWise Leader: Introduction to the principles of MIndWise Management and Conscious Communication for enhanced business performance (for business owners, Leaders, and Managers)
  • Positive Productivity- Promoting sustainable high performance at a business or organisational level through the application of the principles of MindWise Management and Conscious Communication (whole of business program)
  • Beating Business Stress: The Small Business Survival Guide
  • Understanding  Workplace Psychological Injury (prevention and management)

We can work face to face where this possible. I can also work with people from anywhere in Australia and the world using online technologies.

Contact us now for more information about which workshop will best suit your needs and when the next workshop will be starting. Virtual workshops, trainining and coaching programs are also available.