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  • Individualised coaching program for business leaders, executives and managers targeting development of sustainable high performance.
  • Planning and communication are important to every business. Improving the MindWise Management skills of your leaders will boost team performance under pressure and will help your people to remain engaged and resilient
  • Understanding how your organisation is performing on key indicators can help design specific programs to improve key results in terms of service, performance and profits.
  • Do you have staff in hard to reach places or working at non-standard times? We have online programs available to help meet your development needs.
  • Reduce staff turnover and disengagement by using MindWise Management strategies to increase motivation, focus and commitment.

Coaching and Leadership Development

Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to improve your business outcomes is to invest in you leaders and managers.


Workshops and Training

Increasing knowledge and understanding on how to identify and manage stress and improve motivation will help your people to remain engaged and resilient.


Consulting Programs

Identify the barriers or "disablers" at each level of your business that are preventing your organisation from improving and how to overcome them.


Meetings and Focus Groups

To gather together the threads of discussion, feedback and information to guide you through a process that will reach conclusion.


We Offer Services in the Following Areas:

Stress Management

Learn effective strategies to sustain high levels of efficiency, effectiveness and engagement despite demanding and difficult work environments.


Career Development

Advance your career by developing your understanding and skills in managing people in today's challenging and complex work environments.


Positive Productivity

Improving business outcomes by promoting engagement and voluntary effort through MindWise Management and Conscious Communication.


Why You Should Work With Us.....

Ronita has over 25 years experience in the area of human performance, research into stress. experience in prevention and management of workplace psychological injury. Our programs are centered around an integrated framework based on the latest research in the areas of Business, Neuro-Psychology, Coahcing Psychology and Positive Occupational Psychology.